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Penny Stocks is North America's leading 24/7 streaming penny stock talk show hosted by small-cap stock researchers Ryan Irvine and Aaron Dunn.

As an independent research firm, we are compensated by our clients (individual and institutional investors), not by the companies we research and recommend. This allows our hosts, radio commentary and website content to provide unbiased information on individual small-cap stock companies and educational advice on investing and trading.

Undervalued Penny Stock Investments

We Do Penny Stocks Differently

For the past 18-years we have been disrupting a segment of the market that has long been home to fly-by-knight operations, sketchy management teams, poorly conducted paid research and slimy promoters.

We apply independent institutional quality research to the most under-covered and underfollowed segment of the market, "penny" or small-cap stocks. Just because they are small it does not mean they are not great businesses. Some of the best and biggest businesses today started as small-cap stocks including household names such as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT). Our task is to find the next Wal-Marts, trading at low prices today.

Our fundamental based approach helps us sort the wheat from the chaff and allows us to avoid the type of high risk/limited reward type stocks that can inhabit this space. In fact, our analysts dismiss over 98% of the stocks we uncover in this segment to uncover 10-20 high quality, high growth but undervalued cash producing stocks for our clients.

With a large loyal audience and subscribers world-wide, PennyStocks.FM's listeners consist of investors ranging from novice to advanced and professional asset managers. Master your investing strategies today!

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